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Uusi paras kaveri

Hyvää joululomaa.

Surman siipien havinaa

Lauantaina Municipal Wasten kanssa Nosturissa on Rytmihäiriö 1990-luvun kokoonpanossa.
1990-luvun biiseillä. Nyt ei leikitä… Nyt tapetaan!

Yllä Unelle ja Andelle noin puolitoista vuotta sitten tehtyä uutta ja vanhaa Rytmihäiriö kuvastoa.

Jussi vs Jussi

Today me and Jussi S. both had an appointment cancelled in a last minute. So we tattooed something on each other instead.


I did this armadillo on Jussis arm. It’s a flash re-draw by Tilt, from a book called Classic Flash. This was a fun tattoo.


And here’s a tiny little pan of coffee on my ankle by Jussi S. Cheers mate!


One of my favorite subjets to tattoo. Here’s a few from this year.

This cover-up Matrjoška ate bad mushrooms.

These three came together.

Two friends got the same doll with different color scheme.

From summer

Few tattoos from last summer.

First post

Because MySpace got weird I’ll try to be trendy and start a blog.
Here’s a rose I did on customer who happened to walk-in on cancelled appointment

I’ll post new pictures sometime soon. I hope.